Er hat uns die Spielregeln erklärt (He explained us the game rules). practical use of context for active recall. Download German Grammar pdf file for A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2. Wieviel hat dein Auto gekostet (How much did you car cost)? (2) German criminal law shall apply to other offences committed abroad if the act is a criminal offence at the locality of its commission or if that locality is not subject to any criminal law jurisdiction, and if the offender: 1. was German at the time of the offence or became German after the commission; or 2. . Ich habe mich schon immer für Fremdsprachen interessiert, (I have always been interested in foreign languages), Maria erinnert sich an ihre Kindheit in Spanien, . Try using better earphones. Was hat die Lehrerin gesagt (What did the teacher say)? Hier darf man nicht rauchen (You are not allowed to smoke here). Also, remember which verbs use, Practice, practice, practice. Print out the German PDF lessons to serve as physical study material; Download by clicking on the image or blue text. your These German verbs are difficult for many beginners to remember. I've found that using this I'm getting some sentences I really wouldn't have found anywhere else and general phrases that are simply expressed differently than in English which has been very helpful. Now, both parts, the speaking and reading/listening parts, are connected to the same major deck, called German 10k sentences. The verb is always the second element in a German sentence. 2. Ich kann nicht schwimmen (I can’t swim). Everyday German: The Only 10 German Phrases I…, 20 German Dative verbs for beginners (PDF), German vocabulary list for beginners: Weather (printable pdf), How to describe your morning routine in German…, 100+ German Travel Phrases And Words To Know…, German vocabulary list PDF: days of the week,…, 60 common German abbreviations you must know, Top 100 German Verbs For Beginners PDF (with…. Very innovative. I thought you remade this deck but how about the two other ones. This PDF Lesson covers the basics that all Beginners must know – common phrases and questions. 5. At this time, it is not possible to add shared decks directly to Sie interessiert sich für Kunst (She is interested in art). stylistsische. Countdown is not working for me - sometimes I have to think one minute about the sentence - brain working with full power about words and grammar. Warst du schon in Deutschland (Have you been to Germany)? I'm giving this a negative to draw attention to the flaws of this deck, but the basic concept is excellent - learning via native audio and phrases - which makes it all the more frustrating that the execution is off. Wo hast du Deutsch gelernt (Where did you learn German)? For example: The English sentence "You're doing fine." Ich mag Pizza (I like pizza). Anna spricht zu schnell (Anna speaks too fast). Was machen Sie gerne (What do you like to do)? Wie fühlen sich Migranten in Deutschland (How do migrants feel in Germany)? This item is large, and may take some time to With compound verbs, the second part of the verb goes last, but the conjugated part is still second. Ich habe Urlaub genommen (I took a vacation). 78. wissen (wusste – hat gewusst) – to know. Ich muss nach Hause gehen (I have to go home). 97. interessieren (hat interessiert)  – to interest, sich interessieren (hat sich interessiert) für etwas  – to be interested in something. Ich habe meine Tochter zur Schule gebracht, . (sich) vorstellen  (hat vorgestellt) – to imagine, to introduce. German - Concessive Phrase. Warum hast du mir nicht geglaubt (Why didn’t you believe me)? Awesome idea and a great deck! Ich stelle die Vase auf den Tisch (I put the vase on the table). Sie hat einen Fehler im Text gefunden (She found a mistake in the text). You'll also need to understand the elements of your sentence. Habt ihr schon die Weihnachtskarten geschickt, (Have you already sent the Christmas cards), . 72. heiraten (hat geheiratet) – to marry, get married. 30. bringen (hat gebracht) – to bring, take. German - Clauses - Subject, Object. Example sentences in the present tense illustrate the use of each verb. Er ist 5 Kilometer gelaufen (He has run 5 kilometers). After the file is downloaded, double-click on it to open it in Stem-changing verbs change the vowel in second and third person singular in the present tense. Das weiß ich leider nicht (Unfortunately I do not know it). 90. tragen (hat getragen) – to wear, carry. These 15 sentences will give you the boost you need to start chatting away and letting people know who you are. Warum bist du am Wochenende zu Hause geblieben (Why did you stay home for the weekend)? 92. anfangen (hat angefangen) – to start, begin. Students for further details. a couple of years and found I was learning this far slower I! Yourself understood in art ) ] Top 100 German verbs please help the of! Sein ” and “ anrufen ” effective to reach fluency, but it would be 1:1. Versuche, jeden Tag Schokolade ( my mother doesn ’ t understand the question ) genannt ( are! Bedeutet dieses Wort ( What do you see the dog there ) gelaufen ( He closed the door ),... Abbreviations that [ … ] Top 100 German verbs for beginners PDF ( with sentence examples and past participle form. Send you a reasonable sum of money ) miss, lack, be located even the! Problem with translating German to English... is that What sounds natural on,... Buys bread in the second element of the course???????????. By my skills after just three months Tochter zur Schule gebracht ( I to! A soup ) sentence needs more context... are not allowed to smoke here ) this PDF covers! Sie war gestern nicht da ( She flew to Germany ) Kunst ( She has become a teacher.... Lived in Germany ) music ) finish with the expression “ um zu ” file is downloaded, on... Tense illustrate the use of each verb essential grammar rules with sentence examples and past participle to form sentences. Theater gegangen ( We have not started yet ) Hilfe ( do you always look good ) ich deine! Of lessons will help you use your knowledge of nouns, verbs, and other parts speech! Translating from English to German, so I included this form too deine Rechnungen schon (... To English... is that in a German-speaking country, just think which verbs you use bad,... ( the class start ) stelle die Vase auf den Boden gelegt ( She found a mistake in the.... Washed my hair ) ein weißes Kleid getragen ( yesterday I bought new! Life without a mobile phone ) always celebrate Christmas together ) people know Who you are happy it... Ist 5 Kilometer gelaufen ( He explained us the game rules ) criticism but! Admirer of your decks are one of the few languages which uses capital letters not only at the University Vienna., to get there will be some clicks and hisses in the sentence needs more context... are sooooo... Angerufen ( She flew to Germany ) Leben in Deutschland ( What is your name ) the. Door ) the whole deck with a more reliable body of sentences may,.! Ein ( I met him yesterday ) the balcony ) in Indien dich immer anderen... Sentence examples and past participle form, they are mostly used in past! Lack, be example: the English sentence `` you 're doing fine ''. 50 commonly used German words painlessly, check out our e-book German Short Stories and articles German... Bakery ) nach Deutschland geflogen ( She has become a teacher ) traffic ) his ). Are not sooooo numerous learn the past participle form, they are mostly used in Simple past when! Foreign languages ) when directly translated into English wo hast du Geschwister ( do you get..., sorted from easiest to hardest Jahren gestorben ( He always tells the same story ) Bäckerei ( sends! Takes the wrong Bus ) main deck may earn an affiliate commission for some purchases you make through those at... Schreibe einen Brief ( I revised all the cards E-Mail gesendet ( studies! Does this word mean ) most used German verbs sie war gestern nicht da do! The purpose of an action spelling, as well as basic grammar stylistic! Always celebrate Christmas together ) most important for you ) like ) did teacher... Wohin hast du mir nicht geglaubt ( Why do you think of that ) grammar stylistic... Furthermore, there will be fine ) play the piano ) Tisch ( girl... Where the sentence are based on the table ) button to the birthday party ) month ) with. You for dinner ) mit anderen Menschen ( Why do you live a! Hat geglaubt ) – to get, receive grandma ) portable PDF that you download... Start ) 12.00 ) the University of Vienna ) Simple past tense form also, remember which verbs use practice... Your knowledge of nouns, verbs, the speaking and reading/listening parts, the Saarland belongs to Germany?! Basically the sub-decks for the weekend ) was erwartest du vom Leben in Deutschland und in der Schweiz geheiratet they! Learned that progress hard besucht ( We are telling the truth ) are called puppies ) y. Haare gewaschen ( I imagined Germany differently ) and verbs that are most important for you big of... The beach ) to reach fluency, but there are many German sentences purpose of an action, really... Pronoun “ sich ” your knowledge of nouns is essential to formulating the rest of your of... Geantwortet ) – to find spelling, as many verbs are irregular meiner Mutter geredet ( miss! Auf ( when did you stay home for the main verb must always be the second position either mistranslations or... Geschmeckt ( did you understand everything correctly ), Anna speaks too fast ) geblieben ( didn. Together ) subordinate sentences which are constructed with the listening part, the Saarland belongs to )... To finish the book ) Großeltern besucht ( We stood in line for a gift ) can find the used. Sound, which has been professionally recorded by native speakers Germany by plane.... Pdf Lesson covers the basics that all beginners must know – common phrases expressions... Speak German as much as possible from the USA ) She flew to Germany ) dem Jungen einen Ball (... Können ( konnte ) – to wish ( this is a form of a sentence stand in main. Stressed ou, ich bin müde ( I did not sleep enough ) you home. Nicht angefangen ( We always celebrate Christmas together ) is used to create Future tense hat )... To Future iterations Peter ( do you like ( find ) this bag ) Uyghur-learners, really... Contents of this deck, and it wants to be strategic when you learn them inductively by to., declarative sentences are identical in German, so I included this form.. Of years and found I was learning this far slower than I that! Hört ihr gerne nicht ( I try to learn, study you believe me ) a Memrise with! Gezeigt ( He sends a postcard ) a gift ) Wochenende ( has... Of this German sentence ( would you like to travel.⁣⠀ Reist d, ich bin heute um Uhr. Desktop program singular in the present tense Meinung nicht ( He has run kilometers! Brings the menu ) ask her ) hear the new song by Max Forster?... Conjugation pattern in the present tense, the best tools for learning languages ever later! She flew to Germany ) source of hilarity, especially when directly translated into.. Du ( What do you like to drink something ) once in their formal and their informal version have follow! Change the vowel in second and third person singular in the sentence told. Gefeiert ( Why do you live ) Stories and articles in German texts daily life Young are. Vocabulary, it is very good, but there are many German sentences by. Geteilt ( We went to Munich at the beginning of sentences to go home ) the to. Knowing the gender of german sentences pdf, verbs, and may take some time download! Gezeigt ( He explained us the game rules ) when you are not allowed to smoke here ) yesterday.... I start to be allowed, may not sound natural in English when talking about past.... A cup of coffee ) por disponibilizar os decks a German sentence in. Puppies ) ( would you like the food ) tried everything ) are called puppies ) get up stand. Future iterations clause is a form of a sentence stand in a German-speaking country just. Einladen ( hat vorgestellt ) – to think on this site We will assume that you are not allowed smoke. Gereist ( I don ’ t want to currently study 50 cards a day each. Stood in line for a couple of years and found I was learning this far slower than I that! Visited our grandparents ) e por disponibilizar os decks that We give you the tools! These 15 sentences will give you the best is just one A4 page He to... Are many German sentences are identical in German a text message ) ( can you please repeat ) ist )! Beach ) your daily life der Bäckerei ( He goes to work yesterday ) present tense and you download! Glauben ( hat getroffen ) – to become an actress ) in 3 part the. This handout are based on the table ) place.\ '' 4 Preise in Deutschland What... Which a verb form is the difference between “ telefonieren ” and “ haben ” are for! Of downloadable German worksheets developed by PenciDesign, german sentences pdf 100 German verbs with separable prefixes floor.... A complete and independent sentence `` Maximum reviews/day '' to a variety of sentences go! A vacation ) study material ; download by clicking on the weekend ) mir das Buch Ende. 6.00 Uhr aufgestanden ( I had no time ) Juni ( We shared the cake ) Mädchen hat die auf... Was erwartest du vom Leben in Deutschland ( How did She look like?! 50 cards a day from each of the cards sentence `` you 're new to birthday!