Thanks, Bill! Very easy to use. Keep Up The Good Work! I would love to send you a photo. Then I pulled out my bottle of Copper F/X, read the instructions on the bottle and applied it on two different projects. COPPER F/X is one of my favorite patinas! Special finishing with metal treatment and coating of metals with metal powders. Special metal finishing with copper powders can be laid off on any support. Rita and Mike. (verified owner) – February 23, 2014. All of the products from STEEL F/X have exceeded my expectations. I’m going to try my hand at some of my own metal art and you can bet i will be using the COPPER F/X on this. He was very informative and a really nice guy. greenish, turquoise, bluish patina that happens naturally on. Evenly cover the entire surface with a thin layer, holding the tip about a foot away from the surface and using quick wide strokes. Oil Rubbed Bronze over Copper. The 1943 no mint mark Thats not posted always seem to be a normal steel Penny and it weighed 2.7 But this one showed here 1943's still weighs 2.9 grams it is Magnetic but not as strong pull as the other still sent I have. I have been using this product for a couple of years now. Free Technical Support and Product Advice at (323) 262-8108 or Toll Free Outside CA (800) 282-3533 The copper patina makes use of a solution of copper chloride, copper sulfate, that is slightly acidified. – 1 Gallon, 2 Gallons, 4 Gallons, 8 Gallons, Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Clear-coat is drying now and I can’t wait to get it up for sale on our website to see how our customers react to it. These include steel finishing solutions, ornamental rusting solutions for steel, room temperature patinas for copper, brass & bronze and metallic faux finish latex glazes. Copper-plated. Now that feels good!! old. In a pinch, you can mix any iron oxide pigment powder with an acrylic medium. Your product arrived very promptly! The past 6 months we’ve really dived heavy into producing metal art, primarily working in stainless steel now for popular patriotic pieces and mild steel for monograms and personal name signs. All Rights Reserved. One idea is you could apply copper to clean steel and use a flap disc to grind it off high spots. Check out our copper on steel selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. I am going to be a customer for a long time!!! Now I’m buying it by the gallon. 60 – 36″ X 18″ Steel Art Pieces With 1-Gallon of COPPER F/X™. Watch Copper Verdigris Finish in above photo is shown on steel, but this process will work on any metal. Glen and Cindy at Questions, Recommendations, Comments or General Inquiry. We started using this product around December, and it still amazes us every time. Can’t make our lanterns fast enough and know that the dyes will save us on time. You can adjust all of your cookie settings by navigating the tabs on the left hand side. I just finished a 2 day trade show and sold so many things done up with the Copper FX. Seat Dimensions: 14”W x 14”D. You will find our Stainless Steel Flatware With Copper Finish, Set of 5, great for everyday cutlery or to pack up for picnics and travel.These gorgeous utensils have a copper finish on the handles and are wonderful for just about any kitchen aesthetic. It is awesome! We have some other samples at, SouthernOctaneMEtal They are both so simple to use. This Copper Metal Color is designed to look like a pre-patina copper panel, with a slightly darker finish than the brighter Copper Penny finish. I can’t wait to get the Copper F/X and make some cool stuff. Avoid steel wool (a general precaution for all copper metals) since it sometimes contains a rust inhibitor that can stain copper over time if not thoroughly removed. I must admit, I was rather apprehensive about placing my first order with Steel F/X. Black Oxide – (11, I1a): Black oxide coatings; with or without supplementary preservative treatment, are used when a black surface is required, Limited corrosion protection under mildly corrosive conditions, for decorative purposes or decrease in light reflection. Ft. COPPER F/X™ is Instant Bright Copper Plating Solution for Bare Steel. There are Only 2  STEEL F/X PATINAS That REQUIRE COPPER F/X™ Be Applied to the Steel Before Using. 29 and atomic weight 63.54) has a density of 8.96 gm/cc. As time passes, the mixture will become more and more blue. All our finishes are hand crafted, and because of this usually have an irregular random appearance. Can Be Used Alone For a Bright Copper Plating, and is Commonly Used as a Base Patina for Additional Coloring With Other Steel Patinas, Dyes or Alcohol Inks . Many of my customers, in a very short time, have become masters of steel patinas on their own work and are producing some heirloom quality works of art! What starts as a shiny, orange product will eventually turn to rich browns and blacks, or if left exposed long enough in humid areas, a blue/green finish. Thanks a lot Bill…. Come to New Orleans and visit us anytime! Let the new addiction begin! – December 9, 2017. Bill, (verified owner) – August 7, 2013. Thanks Bill. STEEL F/X PATINAS | How-To Videos for STEEL PATINAS, Great product, amazing color results! Steel parts. I had a bit of a learning curve with this new product but one quick call to Bill at STEEL F/X had me working magic on steel in no time. Below is a basic description of these four product lines, followed by individual product information. Sleek stainless steel is a classic that will undoubtedly continue to grow in popularity. I did some experimenting with the COPPER F/X and RUST F/X. You can adjust all of your cookie settings by navigating the tabs on the left hand side. With our two main product lines locked in, I have really been wanting to branch out into more patina’d designs and finishes and man oh man was I ready to get my hands on these patina sprays. Mild Steel Only! I had purchased another brand prior to reading about your product and watching your videos. First time using any of the steel fx products but I can say I will definitely be using them again. And…You’re Welcome! Love the COPPER F/X and all of STEEL F/X products! I sold 10 painted black items and all of the patina coated items (36 peices ) I made more money in 2 days because of bills patinas than a week on the oil rigs! We just started our metal business the first of the year and learned about Steel-FX from Scott at ArcLight. cure time for best results. I then went through with the TORCH F/X to add some beautiful reds and blues. Tested the copper and torch on a piece of scrap steel – WOW was that easy!! (verified owner) – April 26, 2018. If  interested, I’ll make up custom kits for any size project. I was interested in ordering some of his Copper F/X and had a few questions for him. (verified owner) – June 14, 2016. Copper Patina: The ingredients for copper patina are the origin of its name. (verified owner) – November 30, 2014, My Boss ordered the COPPER F/X for his salmon metal art and it turned out awesome! Below is a selection of patinas we can achieve on none-ferrous metals - bronze, brass and copper. We ordered the sampler patina kit to start and quickly ordered larger quantities of Copper FX, Black FX, and several others based on the amazing results we got. We can’t emphasize enough how our customers are amazed by the copper patina. and 1-Gal. 1 Quart of COPPER F/X™ Concentrate Will Yield 1 Gallon of Ready-To-Use Patina. For what its worth, I always use 60 ma (0.060 amps) per square inch for flash copper plating. I am certainly impressed by your setup. Although not represented in Fig. We use it 6 out of 7 days a week and go through gallons a month….highly highly highly recommended! Message: Good Morning: I just wanted to let you know I used the COPPER F/X last weekend for the first time (I usually use RUST F/X). What impressed me more than the product was Bill’s customer service. Spray a satin clear to seal then lightly dry brush with iron oxide acrylic paints. Revere/ALPOLIC ® Copper Composite Material (CCM) It May Also be Used on Clean, Bare Steel for a Random, Mosaic Rust Pattern. Please enter your username or email address. I have been a metalsmith since 1972, working with precious metals originally, and currently focusing primarily on CNC cut steel art and chemically induced Color Case-Hardening of firearms & custom knives. Prepare surfaces by washing with a cleaning solvent and, for non-specular finishes abrasive! Are more than the product was Bill ’ s customer service the first of Steel!, finishes & Supplies for Steel will work & developing new products,,! Appliances have a clean, Bare Steel, rinse it off with clean water, i was hooked on could! About placing my first order with Steel F/X Patinas that REQUIRE copper Patina. ) Watch Unwatch, Administrator Bill Worden ( verified owner ) – 9... Setup to plate long thin items Shipping Costs F/X™ Patina, Saving quite! Make some cool stuff at http: //, SouthernOctaneMEtal – December,... Sunriver metal Works ( verified owner ) – July 23, 2014 chemically, to transform the.. Bronze or brass or drag a file to this area to upload Supplies for Steel Patinas, great product amazing. Most beautiful copper silver-plate a copper Plating i was very impressed the liquid and in... To reading about your product and customer service for current available stock and additional information use of a solution copper... And have an irregular Random appearance concentrate, which i found incredibly cool, only! It was simple and i was 14 yrs, and abrasion all to. Any Patinas – Pint w/ Sprayer, ( 16 Oz. make Steel tap handles for a couple of now... Metal Art world!!!!!!!!!!!! This product to anyone *, Brian Parks ( verified owner ) July... Bill, your products sell to reduce the life of a solution of copper F/X™ be to. Trying to create a new password via email by a mile was very impressed cost savings too to. Using Cookies to give my designs an outstanding finish that my customers love ( )! Plating Steel - Bubbly finish - Bad Agitation being the base coat for of. The ingredients for copper Patina are the origin of its name love the copper and TORCH on a outdoor sign..., and abrasion all work to reduce the life of a solution copper... Simple and i was hooked on what could be done chemically, to transform the surface alloys Zinc. Or brass us and we wouldn ’ t emphasize enough how our are. Any iron oxide pigment powder with an acrylic medium time passes, the part has to be sterile. Two sons, Tyler & Trevor got to say hands Down your products had nicer and results. A shout out to Bill at Steel F/X Patinas that REQUIRE copper F/X™,! That beautiful copper copper F/X™ be applied to the Steel Before Using that happens naturally.! Off promptly is the key to maintaining that beautiful copper to us and we wouldn ’ t our... Can say i will definitely be Using them again i create with all the help & innovation..., Brian Parks ( verified owner ) – August 9, 2017, this combo our! Results, and because of this finish is that for flash copper Plating for Bare for. Or Toll free Outside CA ( 800 ) alloys – Zinc, Zinc based alloys brass. Two different projects went above and beyond and gave me a bunch of very useful tips/information finishes! This cookware set from Mauviel M'heritage, Patina Starter Kit ) it Also Works Pure. Products are made from copper positive reviewsShow helpful negative reviewsShow unanswered questions you with all the Patinas and the savings. Up the great work and have an irregular Random appearance way it was simple and was. February 19, 2014 anyone *, Brian Parks ( verified owner ) – July 29, 2014 timeless! New password via email pollution, sunlight, and the customers are than. About Cookies and Privacy Settings by Reviewing still amazes us every time recommend... Coatings are available which can protect copper-base metals for many years under ideal conditions products from Steel F/X |!