But when you do choose a weakness and use it as a way to spin a positive. When you go over your career to cherry-pick the strengths that will show you in the brightest light, be sure to choose wisely. The internal environment is mainly focused on the company’s internal operations (employees, policies, products, or services) while the external … I guess you could say I work too hard…but it’s because I … Generally, you’ll focus on your soft skills as strengths — there are other ways for interviewers and recruiters to glean hard skills, whether it’s through take-home assignments, a coding interview or examples of your past work. Therefore, before the interview have at least three or four examples of your strengths and a couple of weaknesses ready to share when asked. For example, if your evaluation includes the phrase, “failed to meet project deadlines”, they will know they need to work on their time management skills in the future. You’ll reach the point in any job interview where you’ll be asked, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”, 10 Most Revealing Behavioral Interview Questions. To begin, make sure you’re choosing strengths that are directly related to the job you’re interviewing for. The first and most obvious answer is if you’ve been rewarded or given some kind of award or certification that highlights your strengths. Maybe if you are honest, the weaknesses you expose will put you out of the running. What kind of authority does the project manager have? Addressing weaknesses in your Project Management Interview November 14, 2012 Nicola Caswell-Thorp 2 Comments One question burning on the lips of most interviewers is “what is your weakness” – time and time again I have asked this question and been met with a variety of responses, the worst response to date was “I do not have any”. Before getting into the meat of the question, before even stepping into the interview room, a candidate must be prepared to discuss their strengths and weaknesses. They are technical competencies that the candidate would like to improve on. Dependability is built through consistent follow-through day after day. Weaknesses and Threats: Unlike hard skills, these are skills that are … Strengths of the project manager: - Informal authority: It is not true that project managers don't have any authority, they have one, and it's informal, and it's sometimes better than the formal authority as it shields them from accountability and some of the company politics. In addition comprehensive stakeholder analysis (Social Development Department, 1995) was done to identify the primary and secondary, internal and external stakeholders. What are the outside sources that a potential employee can cite to legitimize their answers in the face of a critical interviewer? The STAR method can help you tell effective anecdotes in interviews. But … The goal is to developing employees who know what they are good at and what they need to work on. If you have tangible evidence to support your claims, then they’re going to have a greater impact on the person conducting the interview. Before you begin a project, take this quick self-evaluation to determine your project-management strengths and weaknesses. When addressing your weaknesses, give examples relating to either skills, habits or personality traits. Soft skills are important for almost every job. You want to make sure that something gets done and that nothing falls through the cracks? Don’t ask any question you don’t already know the answer to. As we mentioned above, when asking about your strengths a hiring manager will often also want to try and learn about your weaknesses. When it comes to strengths and weaknesses, one of the great strengths you can bring to any job is having working knowledge of the right tools to get that job done. I first thought (from the title) that this was a typical interview questions, where the interviewer asks the project manager (this very stupid question) "what do you consider your strengths and weaknesses are?". Is there a metric by which you can measure what strength is best to highlight? There’s nothing wrong with making a mistake if you own up to it and turn that failure into a lesson. SWOT Analysis Defined and Explained. Managers and Leaders: skill planning, multitasking, ability to take priority, organized, responsible, deal … 2) Strength As A Weakness “Oh gosh, what’s my weakness? The weaknesses shouldn’t be attached to the position you’re applying for, but at the same time they shouldn’t be personal. “What are your strengths and weaknesses,” the interview question which everyone is asked, is like a minefield. 10 Most Revealing Behavioral Interview Questions for Employers, 17 Scrum Master Interview Questions to Find the Right Hire, The 23 Best Project Manager Interview Questions. Strengths and Opportunities: A strength suggests one or more opportunities. A list of strengths weaknesses of a professional leadership. That’s because you want to control the conversation. It’s not glamorous, but it’s a… Not Providing Feedback. “My strength is being the best at everything, and my weakness is humility.” Or do you try to answer honestly? Here are a few examples of the best weaknesses to mention in an interview: 1. That is, you don’t want to give a vague or subjective answer but one that can be confirmed. That part of the strengths and weaknesses question is to see how realistic you are. During the interview process, it’s likely that the hiring manager will ask you to describe your strengths at some point. What would you say is the most important skill of a Project Manager and why? Employers love that. Managers occupy a position of authority and cannot afford to be perceived as ineffective. Another good rule of thumb is that whatever weakness you talk about shouldn’t directly relate to the job duties for which you’re being considered. Remember, we all make mistakes. But you’re not telling a story about why you’re not a good fit for the company, you’re showing that you’re honest. It’s counterintuitive to enter a job interview and show why you’re not right for the position. Another set of proofs to back up your claims would be any accolades you’ve received over the span of your career. By answering the following ten questions, you can get an idea of what areas you need to spend more time on so you can be as effective as possible. Yes. It’s not going to help you navigate the strengths and weaknesses maze.